The Kerala State is a Centre of Ayurveda treatment and industry and it is rowing at a fast rate particularly with the advent of Health Tourism. The annual trade in Ayurvedic medicines is around Rs.1000 crores in Kerala. Among the raw drugs used, only 15 percent is obtained from cultivated sources. Forests are the main source of raw drugs which are collected by the Tribes and Local Communities. The demand for medicinal plants raw materials are increasing day by day. The increased demand has lead to the over exploitation of medicinal plants resources resulting in depletion of many species in forest areas. Realizing the gravity of the issues, State Medicinal Plants Boards (SMPB) has taken varieties of planting programmes with medicinal plants and Research and Development activities for the promotion of medicinal plants sector in the State.

  • Promotion of Medicinal Plants cultivation
  • Production of Quality Planting Materials
  • Survey, inventorisation and quantification of medicinal plants
  • Ex-situ & In-situ conservation of medicinal plants
  • Support to semi processing, value addition and marketing of medicinal plants
  • Conservation& Resource augmentation of RET medicinal species in high demand
  • Research and Development, Quality Certification etc.
  • Training and capacity building of Stakeholders
  • Promotional Activities viz. home /school herbal garden.