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The State Medicinal Plants Board, Kerala (SMPB) was constituted under the administrative jurisdiction of Health and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Kerala in 2002, as per the direction of the Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of India.  The aim of the SMPB is to co-ordinate matters relating to the Cultivation, Conservation, Research & Development and Promotion of medicinal plants sector in the State.
SMPB has been functioning in Kerala for the past 10 years. Hon’ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare is the Chairman of the Board. The Board consists of official and non-official representatives from various departments and institutions. The headquarters of the SMPB is located at Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. Till the inception of Board, more than 210 projects are undertaken by SMPB with an estimated cost of Rs. 23 crores allocated by the National Medicinal Plants Board as grant -in -aid for the promotion of medicinal plants sector in the state for the period 2002-11. Important activities of the SMPB include the following:
    1. Promotion of Medicinal Plants cultivation
    2. Production of Quality Planting Material
    3. Survey, inventorisation and Quantification of Medicinal Plants
    4. ex-situ & in-situ conservation of medicinal plants
    5. Support to semi processing, value addition and marketing of medicinal plants
    6. Conservation & Resource augmentation of RET medicinal species in high demand
    7. Research and Development, Quality Certification etc.
    8. Training , awareness and capacity building of Stakeholders
    9. Promotional Activities viz. home /school herbal garden.